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Academic policies

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma from the Virtual School of Massage Arts (VSMA), students must fulfill the following graduation requirements:

Attendance: Meet the minimum attendance requirements as outlined by VSMA.

Coursework: Successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum passing grade of C.

Fees & Tuition: Pay all fees and tuition in full to VSMA before graduation.

Library Materials and Equipment: Return all library books and equipment borrowed from VSMA.

Upon meeting all of the above requirements, a diploma will be awarded to the student by the Virtual School of Massage Arts.

Transfer of Credit Policy

To determine transferable credits and ensure compliance with Florida State licensure requirements, the following guidelines apply:

  • Provide an official transcript from a licensed Massage School that operated in the state within the last 24 months, demonstrating      attendance of training hours equal to or exceeding the graduation requirements at VSMA.

  • Obtain a minimum grade of 70% (C grade) on a bypass exam for each segment of the program for which transfer credits are sought.

  • The State of Florida Commission for Independent Education mandates that students transferring from another school must complete a minimum of 25% of the program at VSMA. This requirement translates to a minimum of 127.5 hours of instruction.

  • The school’s Director will review all transcripts within one week of receiving them and notify students of the results within two days of the review.

  • Transferability of credits from VSMA to other institutions will be determined by the receiving

    Applicable fees for transfer of credits and other school fees are as follows:

  •  Transcript review: $75.00*

  •  Transcript reconciliation: $75.00*

  •  Bypass Exam: $50.00* per exam
    *Note: All fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

Leave of Absence Policy

While interruptions in the program at VSMA are strongly discouraged, we understand that certain emergency situations may necessitate a leave of absence. The following guidelines apply:

  • Discuss the need for a leave of absence with the instructor.

  • Submit a written request specifying the expected return date.

  • If the student fails to re-enter within the specified time, their enrollment agreement will be canceled, and a refund will be granted according to the refund policy.

  • The maximum duration for a leave of absence is 14 days.

Make-Up Policy & Fees

VSMA operates on an accelerated program schedule, requiring all absences to be made up. The following guidelines apply:

  • Students must make arrangements with the instructor to make up all missed assignments, exams, or other work resulting from an excused or unexcused absence.

  • Failure to attend the Midterm or Final Exam will incur a $25.00 make-up fee. However, this fee will be waived if the student was ill or experienced a death in the family. Appropriate documentation needs to be provided to the Director of Education.

Personal Advisement/Counseling

Instructors and staff at VSMA are dedicated to assisting students who encounter academic difficulties or personal problems that hinder their success. The following services are available:

  • Instructors and staff are available to meet with students by appointment or informally.

  • Referrals to professionals in the community may be provided if necessary, with the cost being the responsibility of the student.

Career Services & Job Placement Assistance

VSMA is committed to the success of its students and graduates. The following career services and
job placement assistance are offered:

  • Access to a current listing of Massage Therapy opportunities.

  • Assistance in researching potential employers.

  • Guidance in creating short-term and long-term career goals and job search strategies.

  •  Interview preparation, guidelines, and follow-up support.

  • Ongoing relationships with current and potential employers.

  •  Assessment of professional appearance.

  • Resume critique and proofreading.

  •  Evaluation of professional image as presented in portfolios.

  •  Information regarding options in the Massage Therapy industry.

    VSMA Career Services maintains permanent records for all graduates, ensuring continuous support and assistance in their professional endeavours. Please note that while job placement assistance is provided, no guarantee of placement, either direct or indirect, is implied.

    We are dedicated to helping our students and graduates succeed in their massage therapy careers at the Virtual School of Massage Arts (VSMA).

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